Billy the 21 year old veteran of the UW system, working towards my Math/CS/Business Option degree. Currently on my 3A school term. I hope to survive the next 4 months and go off to Japan for co-op in May 2006. Spinning the circle on the game of Life, all I'm getting are ones and "skip your turn".


Layout... well, I was thinking of doing some B/W. Something classy. The pic on my header is from Saishuu Heiki Kanojo... Chise is so cute. Just having English is a bit vanilla so I added in the Japanese translations in. My first attempt.  よろしくおねがいします。


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Saturday, December 31 :: Lock and Load

Time for more school. In 24 hours, I'll be back in the Loo attacking my 3A term. But first, ResNet needs to get running. I'll start praying to the random number generator gods.

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Thursday, December 15 :: Bank account depleting

For the past few weeks, I've noticed that the leather on Doc Martins shoes is chipping off. Plus the fact that it's becoming uncomfortable when I wear it to work. So after 160 bucks, I bought a new pair of work shoes. I got a pair of Rockport shoes that's pretty darn light and far softer than my previous Doc Martins. I think I should stop spending so much money now... I'm going broke fast.

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Wednesday, December 14 :: To see your dreams

(Yume de mita koto hontou ni shite)
Turn the things you see in your dreams into reality.

Back to my work report...

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Monday, December 12 ::

5700 dollars later... tuition has been paid. That leaves me broke again T_T

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Monday, November 28 :: Time for some more school...

It's week 12 of my co-op term and I think it's about time that I got back to school work... work is fine and all but it doesn't have that sort of desparation feeling attached to it. I'm sure most of you (those that read my blog) are preparing for final exams and rebuff my remarks here. However, honestly speaking, I do miss staying up late in order to get assignments finished before the cut off time. Another 4 weeks and I'll be back into the loo...

On another note... I realized that I've been just taxed crazy this term and I feel that the government is ripping me off. It looks like this year, I'll have to stick some money into RRSPs (oh dear, I feel old already) so that my tax for this year is lower. With the taxes this term, I feel like all I worked for is tuition at no profit :( dang...

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Tuesday, November 15 :: Finally... after 4 weeks

After four friggin weeks and one $25 Bell cellphone card, I finally convinced the department of Psychology to let me into their HRM 200 course. It's dumb really... I keep getting shuffled between the Math undergrad office, the Registrar, and the Psych department. I've just proven that whining is the only way to get things done at UW admin.

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Sunday, November 6 :: Welcome to W06

Here's my timetable for winter 06 for those who are interested. I'm still waiting to get enrolled into HRM200 cause they didn't reserve any spots for Bmath/CS/Business Option students. In fact, I spent the last 3 weeks trying to convince them to add me into the course but I keep getting brickwalled. That shows to you that the registrar's office is full of bull.

schedulew06 (203k image)

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